Thai Curries

1. Thai Green Curry

A hot rich Curry, with fresh chili, Thai basil, chopped greens and fish sauce for a salty tang – authentic Thai.

2. Thai Red Curry

One of the most famous Thai curries. Fresh pineapple, dried grapes, basil leaves and seasonal Vegetables, thick sauce with coconut milk for depth of flavour.

3. Thai Yellow Curry

Thailand’s famous yellow curry, mildly spicy characterised by tasty aromatics including lemongrass, turmeric, coconut milk, Thai

4. Massaman Lamb Curry

A tropical dish from the south of Thailand, rich flavourful and spicy Thai curry, embellished in coconut milk, served with potatoes and roasted Cashew Nuts.

5. Panang Beef Curry

Our homemade Curry is our Chef’s special, bursting with rich, smooth creamy and nutty flavours of roasted peanut Curry paste, thickened with coconut milk and fragranced finely sliced lime leaves. Will leave you well satisfied.